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With over twenty-seven years of scientific and legal experience in industry, law firms and government, Mastermind IP Law offers the same high quality intellectual property law services as larger firms, but without the large firm price tag. Mastermind IP Law employs the same reliable systems and safeguards as expensive, nationally recognized firms, using state-of-the-art docketing, security, backup and recovery, remote access, research resources, and electronic data capture and storage systems.  Nevertheless, the Mastermind business model allows considerable savings to be passed on to you.

Perhaps you have been considering hiring an in-house attorney, but you just don’t have enough work for a whole position. Maybe you have periodic spikes in workload that cannot be absorbed effectively by your regular employees. Mastermind can help by providing just the right amount of services, with the same attention that you would expect from your own in-house counsel. Mastermind IP Law is focused on flexible arrangements and can even provide on-site services, if needed.

Do you feel as though your name brand counsel doesn’t give you the attention you would like? Is the “relationship” missing from your attorney/client relationship? Mastermind IP Law is dedicated to providing customized intellectual property services that are integrated with the projects and goals that are important to your company. Your intellectual property counseling should not be administered in a vacuum. Mastermind can work with you to maximize the return on the time and money invested in your intellectual property.

Are you starting a company and you don’t think that you can afford an IP Attorney? Mastermind IP Law also provides services to start-up companies that require just a bit of counseling to set off in the right direction. Decisions made at this critical starting point often affect the company for many years, and may determine its ultimate viability. Mastermind IP Law can help you avoid pitfalls and secure long-term protection for your pioneering technology.

Is your law firm experiencing overload? Do you have clients who need IP counseling that you can’t provide, but you don’t want send them to a competitor? Mastermind IP Law is available for your overflow and contract work. You can rest assured that Mastermind will provide the same high quality work that you would like to provide yourself, with an arrangement that is beneficial to you.

Large and small companies can benefit from the high quality, affordable services offered by Mastermind IP Law. Let Mastermind provide solutions for managing your intellectual property.

Today’s lesson: good idea + mastermind = great idea

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